Are you one of those people for whom flying can be a real nightmare? Don't worry; there are thousands of other travellers in your case who cling to their armrests as they take off to try to overcome their fear on the plane. As we are aware that closing your eyes for turbulences is not a solution, we have decided to share with you 5 tips to overcome this aerodromophobia and have a pleasant trip.

Massage your acupressure point with your hand

To relieve your stress or anxiety, be aware that acupressure can be a good solution, especially when travelling by plane. The point concerned with stress is the "V" of the hand, between the index finger and thumb, and is called the Valley Union. Spread these two fingers apart and pinch the acupressure point for 3 minutes until your abdomen is completely swollen. In principle, you should feel a slight soothing effect.

Prepare a playlist of songs that relax you

Once on board, it's not always easy to relax, whether it's because your neighbour keeps getting up, a baby cries, or passengers push you back and forth to the toilet. To disconnect and help you calm down, we recommend that you first create a playlist on your smartphone of songs that relax you. Also remember to bring good headphones: you will be quieter and will no longer hear the sounds of the plane.

Tell the crew about your fear of flying

Air staff is trained to help people with aerodromophobia. Once you have talked to the flight attendants and stewards, they will do their best to make sure you are fine throughout the flight. In addition, to avoid panic, check the crew members' behaviour regularly: do they look worried? No? In that case, don't panic. Since they travel dozens of times a day, you can rely 100% on their reactions.

Change your seat

In many cases, turbulence is much less noticeable at the front of the aircraft. After several trips, see at which level of the plane you feel most comfortable: front, middle or rear? If you explain your fear to a passenger who seems rather quiet at the thought of flying, in principle he will agree to swap places with you.

Participate in an aircraft flight training course

If you really have a problem with this fear of flying because you have to travel regularly, you should know that this method has proven its worth. Indeed, this technique makes it possible to satisfy this need to keep control of the situation. There are organizations that organize driving courses so that you can overcome this fear. It is thanks to flight simulators and a team of aeronautics professionals and psychologists that you will achieve this wonderful experience. Although overcoming a phobia is a long-term task, all these techniques can help you board a plane a little more peacefully. And remember one thing, although it can impress, flying is still the safest way to travel in the world.