Most of the diseases that can be encountered when travelling to distant countries are not serious. These include traveller's diarrhoea skin diseases and respiratory problems due to temperature variations. Other than these benign diseases, malaria is the most feared because of the thousands of traveller deaths per year caused by it. Generally, very few travellers are consulted on site. They prefer to wait until they return to do so. In the most serious cases, repatriation is carried out to preserve the traveller's health.

Which are the riskiest destinations?

Health risks are different from one region to another and depend on the climate. Travel conditions should also be considered for distant destinations with contraindications. A tourist who has chosen to opt for a group tour and lives in a starred hotel does not present the same risks as a tourist who goes on an adventure without taking the slightest precaution. For trips to South America or Asia, respiratory problems and diarrhoea are the most common. On the other hand, a shift to Africa, malaria is the most dominant health problem.

What measures and precautions should be taken?

First, the traveller must be in perfect health to be able to return in good health. It is then necessary to consult a doctor before packing. It will determine whether it is possible for an individual to travel to a distant destination or whether there are contraindications. Fragile individuals and those with certain chronic conditions are often at risk. It is also recommended to update your vaccination record and carry out the necessary vaccinations for a specific destination.

Are there any additional recommendations?

The traveller must remain attentive to his food. Food consumed on site is the most dangerous food that can cause serious illness. Crudités, dairy products and dubious foods should be avoided at all costs. Then, it is important to drink only drinking water, either in a closed bottle in a supermarket or boiled at home. It is imperative that meals are well cooked and preferably hot. It is not necessary to specify that hands should always be washed with soapy water. If fever appears at any time during your stay, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.