You have made efforts to save money in order to finance a beautiful trip! So you want it to be unique so that you can have original experiences and come back with wonderful memories. Discover all our tips for a trip off the beaten track!

Choose an atypical destination

For a 100% authentic trip, go to a destination that is out of the ordinary. Our first recommendation: Belize. Are you able to locate this country on a world map? It is a country located on the Caribbean coast in Central America. Here, the beaches are paradisiacal and lend themselves to various water activities such as diving or snorkelling. Belize also has a beautiful coral reef, one of the most beautiful in the world. For those who like to play archaeologist, the Mayan ruins await them. And for amateur explorers, the thick jungle of the hinterland will make them happy. You're not too happy with this destination? Vanuatu is another atypical destination if you want to bring a little originality to your next trip. It is an archipelago composed of more than 80 islands lost in the middle of the Pacific. Long white sandy beaches, rocky beaches, coral reefs, idyllic landscapes... are to be discovered.

Opt for exceptional accommodation

Another way to experience an atypical trip is to choose an unusual accommodation during your stay. Why not spend your nights in an underwater hotel? To the Maldives! This destination will delight you with its breath-taking underwater world. Book your stay in a Hilton chain hotel, and sleep in a room surrounded by crystal clear water and colourful fish. How about testing nights in a prison that has been converted into a hotel? Latvia offers you this experience at the Karostas Cietums Hotel. You can even ask to be handcuffed so that they can take you to your "cell". This is a great idea to put a little fancy brown in your life. Are you staying in France? The country is full of unusual accommodation for unique experiences. You can book your stay in a floating house, a lodge, a yurt, a tree house, a tipi, a transparent bubble, etc.

Engage in unusual activities

To experience a journey off the beaten track, you can also try different, unusual activities. Try the via ferrata. This activity is located halfway between the tree line and the railway. It is available in almost all countries. Looking for even more thrills? Play the tightrope walker by practicing slackline between the trees. This activity is offered in the Northern Alps, for example. Fishing safari, donkey rides, flyboard air on water, paragliding, zip line... these are all unusual activities to practice living an unforgettable trip.