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Luxury hotels: conditions to be rated 5 stars

A hotel can only be rated 5 stars if specific criteria are met. These are divided into three categories: “equipment”, “customer service” and “accessibility and sustainable development”. Here are the essential points to follow to obtain this 5-star rating: The…

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Is it possible to travel without flying?

Travelling without taking is an idea that is increasingly in the minds of travellers. In Northern Europe (Scandinavia), the shame of flying for environmental reasons has even become a movement called the “Flygskam”. It is true that in a world…

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Tips for managing your money when travelling

Managing money while travelling: either for a weekend in Europe or an adventure on the other side of the world, managing money is clearly not the preferred activity of travellers. However, knowing how to juggle currencies and keep a budget…

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Accommodation abroad: think of youth hostels

You probably know the youth hostel by name. It already existed in your parents’ time. You imagine something rather archaic that will not fit your travel concept at all… Don’t get me wrong! We tell you everything you need to…

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10 tips for travelling by train at a lower cost

Travelling by train has become a habit for many of us, an obligation or a pleasure for others. In any case, we all want a little help to reduce travel costs! Here we have has listed some tips for saving…

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Factors to consider before booking a hotel

Booking a hotel to enjoy a few days of relaxation or discovering the charms of a city is certainly the most important decision for a stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Although there are countless ways to cancel a…

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