You probably know the youth hostel by name. It already existed in your parents' time. You imagine something rather archaic that will not fit your travel concept at all... Don't get me wrong! We tell you everything you need to know about youth hostels.

What are the services offered by youth hostels?

Prejudices that last a lifetime!

In a youth hostel, you do not always sleep in a dormitory (the famous collective rooms). It is possible to choose a single room for one or two people. At a minimum, you will find a bed, sheets and blankets. The toilets and washing areas are individual or collective.

Like at the hotel?

Some youth hostels even offer you: breakfast, Internet access, washing machine, television and sometimes even a refrigerator! Just ask when you book, each youth hostel has different services.

Are they really interesting rates?

From 5 to 40€ per night: Have you seen the price of a hotel room? When you have a limited budget, youth hostels is often the best solution! Yes, because depending on where you are, an entry-level hotel may be cheaper. So always compare before booking! In Europe, prices range from €15 per night in a collective room to €40 in a single room. But in emerging countries, such as China, you will find a decent youth hostel for €5 a night! Prices also vary according to the season and the location of the youth hostel. Thus, this type of accommodation can be interesting in the context of a stay abroad: it can be a pied-à-terre when you arrive in a foreign country, as part of an internship, an exchange or a PVT, and before finding your accommodation on site.

A card to further lower the price

All you need is the international card of the United Youth Hostel Federation. It costs 7 € for those under 26 years old (and 11 € beyond) for a validity of one calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st). The trick is to get it the day after New Year's Eve!) So, how to sleep in a youth hostel?

How to find a youth hostel?

You can find them in tourist guides, contact tourist offices or search the Internet: some hotel booking sites also offer nights in a youth hostel.

How to make sure you have a place?

The best way is to book. You may sometimes get a bed at the last minute, but it is at your own risk!

Any last reason (for the road) to prefer the youth hostel

Yes, its friendly atmosphere which, over the years, has not failed in its reputation. All you have to do is go into the common room to make friends with other travellers! Sometimes you can share a game of table football or pool. And even take a book from the travel book barter library. The youth hostel is much more than just an accommodation; it is a state of mind. So if you have the soul of a traveller, you can only love youth hostels!