Having an Internet connection when travelling is now easy and useful in many ways; at home, you use the Internet for many activities: getting around, finding a good restaurant, checking the weather, communicating with your family and friends, having fun... Why not do without it abroad? Recently, 4G mobile data can be used throughout Europe without additional costs, which is good news! Wi-Fi connection has certainly spread almost everywhere in the world, in hotels and restaurants, but it is still very limited. The search for a Wi-Fi connection sometimes becomes a problem when travelling; the choice of accommodation and restaurants would almost depend on it. For us as independent travellers, this is all the more essential to facilitate our research on the spot, change our itinerary, and keep in touch. We also work from abroad.

What is a 4G Wi-Fi box?

It is a small box that allows you to connect to the local 4G network, wherever you are in the world (or almost). You can enjoy a broadband connection anywhere and anytime, not just in the hotel lobby. Visit www.my-webspot.com/ if you want to know what a pocket Wi-Fi is and how to use it.

How to have an Internet connection when travelling using a 4G Wi-Fi box?

We order the box on the internet, specifying our destination and the dates of the trip. We receive the box a few days before leaving, in a small box containing the USB cable to charge the battery and the manual. The case is small and lightweight; it is about the size of an IPhone SE (screen 4″). In the package is provided a letter followed by postage paid for the return of the box. Arrived at destination (impossible before), its use is very simple: all you have to do is connect via Wi-Fi using the password indicated on the back of the box. Once registered, the following connections are automatic. Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously: smartphone, computer or tablet. We had the box with us all the time, it's really practical! When you have four hours of bus time in front of you, it's an opportunity to answer our followers on Instagram. We managed to connect all the time and everywhere, except for a few outages in no-zones where 4G was not working well or not at all. In terms of autonomy, it's excellent! We held two or three days of intensive use.

Should I rent or buy a 4G Wi-Fi box?

While it is so easy to buy a local SIM card with Data to connect from an operator in the visited country, it is not always so easy to use. It doesn't work, or it's hard to find one, worse, the language barrier prevents you from making it work. In some countries, they are not sold to travellers. (Be sure to check before you leave) In addition to the problems, connecting to the Internet from a phone, and sharing your connection for others to enjoy, forces you to keep it on and your battery melts like ice in the sun. The advantages of the 4G Wi-Fi box is that it will find the best network for you, it stays lit in your backpack, and everyone can connect to it as they please. The battery easily holds two full days. The rest of the time, our phone stays in airplane mode to save the battery, or simply turns off. If you are like us digital nomad, you will also appreciate the comfort of this case to connect your laptop or tablet.