A trip abroad is often a good opportunity to disconnect, to do a digital detox. Yes, but here it is, it's still very convenient to have access to the Internet to look for information! And share with your family and friends his adventures for those who don't want to pick up the phone... In addition to free Wi-Fi access, which is sometimes random, the phone is the easiest way to access the Internet. But be careful with the invoice if you use your usual mobile plan to access the Internet from abroad. For a smooth and connected journey, we give you the best and most economical options to access the Internet when travelling.

4g box on the move: for large Internet data consumers and groups / families

Personal Wi-Fi hotspots, 4g Wi-Fi boxes or pocket Wi-Fi devices actually designate the same principle: a modem that allows you to connect in Wi-Fi with your smartphone, tablet or computer to the 3G / 4G Internet. You can check my-webspot.com/ if you wish to know more information about portable Wi-Fi. Maybe you have already used one in France when your Internet connection broke down? Or at work in a place that didn't have internet access. Previously, these boxes were called 3G keys... Semantics evolves, so it does autonomy, but the principle is the same. It is likely that these Wi-Fi boxes will even become very popular with the 5G, perhaps replacing the classic ADSL… What are changing nowadays are the coverage (the number of countries where the offer is available) and the amount of internet data available. Some offer a limited amount of data and others an "unlimited" offer. But beware, this name is misleading. When you look at it more closely, the unlimited is limited to a certain amount of data in 3G or 4G daily. Beyond that, the flow is limited to 2G or a little more.

The cheapest way is to disconnect or rest on Wi-Fi in bars and hotels

The cheapest way to access the Internet from abroad is still free... Free Wi-Fi hotspots have multiplied all over the world in recent years. During our trip to Latin America 5 years ago now, we didn't bring a phone, relying only on free Wi-Fi in hotels and more rarely on cybercafés. And yet, this didn't stop us from starting this blog and publishing it regularly on social networks. It is not the most comfortable, especially in remote areas, but you will find access almost anywhere in the world now. In some countries, public hotspots are so developed that it is frankly useless to opt for a mobile package. Buses, public parks, restaurants, airports, trains, hotels and even sometimes on the street, opportunities can be numerous. In short, if your Internet use remains moderate, Wi-Fi may be sufficient. Afterwards, if you are greedy, want permanent access or travel to more remote areas, another way of accessing the Internet via mobile networks may be necessary.

Roaming or data roaming for a trip to Europe

For several years now, European telephone operators have been required to include mobile data roaming in Europe (European Union): roaming, in your package. In theory, therefore, there is no longer any need to take the lead on calls and Internet access from the countries of the European Union. Because some smart guys actually limit that access. For example, we had subscribed to a free package as a special offer at 30 GB per month for 2 €. Great, except that under the conditions, it was specified that in Europe this access was limited to 3 GB and only and in 3G, the 4G being reserved for France (and again, in metropolitan France...). This could be suitable for many occasional travellers, but for a frequent traveller, it changes everything!

Short-term trip abroad or round the world trip

Depending on whether you are going on holiday abroad for a few days or on a trip lasting several months, the best options will of course be different! You also need to estimate your needs: phone, access a web browser, use social networks, watch videos, listen to music, etc.