Because it is sometimes impossible to predict illness, accident or death during a stay abroad, it is better to take out travel insurance. The latter generally covers civil liability, assistance and medical expenses. To enable you to cancel your flight or enjoy a relaxing stay, some organizations offer other services.

The role of travel insurance

Synonymous with relaxation and change of scenery, travel can sometimes expose you to different risks. To protect yourself against incidents that may occur during your stay and travel abroad or before and during your trip, take out travel insurance. Generally, travel insurance offers three main types of coverage, including civil liability, assistance and medical expenses.

The main guarantees offered by travel insurance

When you go abroad, civil liability covers the cost of repairs in the event of material damage or injury caused by accidents. Thus, thanks to this guarantee, your invoice will be reduced. Travel insurance also offers your assistance if you are facing serious health problems. Indeed, it covers your repatriation or medical transfer. In some cases, it covers expenses related to early return, hospitalization abroad, legal assistance, research costs, etc. Medical care can be expensive and very expensive in some countries. Thanks to travel health insurance, you can access appropriate structures and care identical to that provided in France. In this case, medical expenses are covered by the latter.

Other services provided

It is important to take out travel insurance to benefit from coverage in the event of accidents, medical repatriation or medical emergencies. Some organizations offer other benefits such as coverage for the destruction, loss or theft of your personal property or luggage. They may also cover disability or death caused by an accident or an early return following a serious accident of a family member who remained in France. Some companies go so far as to reimburse the advance of the criminal bond as well as your lawyer's fees paid abroad. If you have already paid for your flight ticket and are forced to cancel your departure due to an unforeseen event, you can take advantage of travel cancellation coverage with a few organizations. This is the case in particular for independent cancellation insurance, credit card insurance and travel insurance.