Looking for a getaway? No matter where you dream of travelling, you have the choice between different packages offered by the accommodation establishments: all-inclusive, half board, full board... But what makes the difference?

The all-inclusive package

If you choose the all-inclusive or all-inclusive package, the following elements are included in the price, namely: Accommodation All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner Most of the drinks taken during the meal: fruit juices, mineral water, wines... And leisure and sports activities On the other hand, drinks excluding meals and some alcoholic beverages are not taken into account. As a result, the hotel may charge you for additional expenses. However, the conditions of stay may vary from one establishment to another. For example, snacks can be included in the price. In addition, some professionals organize excursions, sea trips, etc., all free of charge for those who choose the "all-inclusive" package. In any case, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is very important to find out about everything included in the formula before making a decision. Of course! Of course! This is a very advantageous option, because you will no longer have to worry about accommodation and food. You will therefore be able to fully enjoy your trip and better control your budget.

Full and half full board option

For the full board formula, accommodation and all daily meals are the responsibility of the establishment, excluding drinks. However, for half board, accommodation, breakfast and lunch or dinner are included in the price, without drinks. In short, the formulas are flexible and can be customized according to your needs. Be careful! You can also select the breakfast formula. Thus, accommodation and breakfast will be provided by the hotel.

How to choose the right option?

Certainly, there may be a price difference between the different formulas. To justify it, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes. This way, you will know which formula is the most interesting. In addition, to determine the formula that suits you best, you must consider your program: do you plan to stay around all day? Are the mealtimes convenient for you? For example, if you plan to go out in the morning and come back in the evening, opt for half board.