Even in the digital age, there are still a number of physical objects that cannot be separated - especially in business travel. Forget your passport and you will miss your flight, forget your phone or laptop and you will have difficulty communicating with your customers and colleagues, and forget important documents and you could risk your customer relationship. All these mistakes are easy to make, so it's easy to see what they could cost your business and the stress they could cause you. This handy list is designed to prepare your suitcase efficiently in order to give you time to prepare for your meeting or conference. Here are 10 essentials to include in your business travel checklist.

Travel tricks

The essential item number one on your list is none other than your passport, without which you will not be able to get on the plane. Remember to keep all your travel tickets - including flight bookings, hotel confirmations and car rental details (if printed) - in the same place. This will allow you to access it quickly and avoid the moment of panic when you don't find your boarding pass, for example.

WI-FI access

Think about your wireless Internet access needs if you need to work remotely, find your way or call your family (Visit my-webspot.com for more about Wi-Fi calling). In hotels, Wi-Fi access is not always free and, in some establishments, can be expensive. The main operators sell internet cards that can be used on all its devices, while the hotel's Wi-Fi is often only available from a single device. By registering with CWT Hotel Intel™, you have access to a directory of hotels around the world and the opinions of business travellers about them. This allows you to see which hotels the best are ranked in terms of Wi-Fi options and to choose your accommodation before booking your stay.

Laptop or tablet

Taking your laptop or tablet with you is a great way to stay productive while travelling. Whether you are proofreading a presentation or typing your meeting notes, it will give real value to the work time you will have spent on the road. Whatever your preferred device, don't forget to bring the corresponding charger. An adapter is also essential if you are travelling abroad, so try to get one before the D-day - this will save you time and the cost of an adapter at the airport.


The smartphone is an essential component of modern working life. Without yours, it would be difficult to communicate with your colleagues or customers, and to organize yourself. Download the CWT To business travel application at Go™, synchronize your phone with your business calendar and receive all the reminders you need to keep track of your travel schedule and itineraries.

Clothing and accessories

Bring the right wardrobe. Getting the right jacket, shoes or accessories can make all the difference during an intensive business trip, including last minute aperitifs or restaurants, known for their positive effects on the development of the professional network. For this, you need both formal and casual business attire, as well as underwear, socks and pyjamas. Check the weather at your destination before departure - if there is wind and rain, bring a raincoat or umbrella. Also, don't forget that hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner or toothpaste are not always provided by the hotel, so remember to bring your own.

Wallet or wallet

Thinking about taking your wallet or wallet is part of the essential kit for business travellers. Otherwise, payment may be difficult. Also, while it is likely that you pay by card most of the time, it is always a good idea to have cash on hand (currency and low denomination notes to pay for small expenses). As a general rule, only take with you what you are sure you need (this also applies to cards) and only take a handful of cash in local currency - this will limit damage if your wallet is lost or stolen. Finally, make sure you always have your wallet or wallet handy: in the pocket of your jacket or pants, so that you can pay your bills without any problems.

Mint pastilles

In the business world, it is all the more important to make an impeccable first impression - you never know who you will run into, and if that person is an important customer or potential partner, the last thing you want to worry about is the freshness of your breath. However, this hygiene essential is easily overlooked, so don't forget to bring a pack of mint lozenges (chewing gum can make a bad impression) to freshen your breath regularly and especially after meals.


Ask yourself: what documents will you need during your trip? Whether it is a presentation hand-out or a meeting agenda, they are an essential component of a successful trip. Of course, it is possible that a printer may be available at your destination to print them on site, but why leave it to chance? Printing the necessary will only take a few minutes and you will feel better knowing that it is ready when you get to your destination.


Also think about the office supplies that will be useful during your trip. This may seem obvious, but if your trip includes a customer appointment, you will need a notepad and pen to take note of any action plan and make sure you look organized. What other supplies might you need? Repositionable notes for quick visual reminders, paper clips for assembling documents and folders to protect them. There's no need to take a whole supply store in your suitcase, but a few practical items will prove useful.

Business cards

Even if you plan to find familiar faces during your trip, don't forget to include a few business cards in your luggage. You can never plan meetings that could prove to be valuable assets for your professional network, and in this case, you want to be sure to leave your contact information. Take a pack of cards generous enough not to run out, put them in your jacket pocket, in your briefcase or computer bag, and in your wallet or purse. This way, you will always be ready to seize the opportunity to establish a new connection. Business cards are welcome at conferences and make excellent badges. Once you have verified that you have included all the elements listed on our checklist for the perfect business trip, don't forget to double-check.

Pack your suitcase for a one-night trip

If you plan to spend the night on site, only bring one piece of hand luggage. This will save you time on arrival and eliminate the risk of your luggage being lost. Therefore, take only the bare minimum with you: a change of clothes and toiletries, your phone, laptop and a notebook with a pen. Keep your contacts informed from where you are, making sure that the person responsible for travel in your company knows your travel itinerary. Take the minimum amount of cash and credit cards with you in your wallet or wallet.

For a 3, 4 or 5 day trips

The list of essentials is naturally longer for trips lasting several days. In addition to the essentials mentioned above, you will need a combination of formal and casual clothing. If your trip includes more than one destination, think about how to provide yourself with uninterrupted Internet - a Wi-Fi card or hotspot will keep you productive in all circumstances and in touch with the right people.