Booking a hotel to enjoy a few days of relaxation or discovering the charms of a city is certainly the most important decision for a stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Although there are countless ways to cancel a hotel reservation today, the truth is that the factors to consider avoiding unpleasant surprises are always the same. The advantage is that the offers are becoming more and more important and it is possible to compare prices and services in detail. In addition, the world of online bookings has introduced a particularly interesting new variable: customer reviews. Here are the ten key factors you should keep in mind when booking a hotel.

The location

In addition to the fact that one can use a car or any other means of transportation, the location of the hotel is a key factor. For example, in large cities such as Barcelona, it is important to choose accommodation located in the centre that allows the traveller to move more freely and avoids unnecessary waste of time and money. If we are talking about a getaway in a natural area, the most important thing is that the hotel is close to the places to visit and is located in a beautiful setting.

The category

The number of stars a hotel has is essential to know the quality and diversity of its services. In Spain, this factor is very controlled. If you choose three-star accommodation, you can be assured that you are in a safe and quality establishment. In other countries, these categories may be slightly different and it is possible that some four or five European stars may have the level of a three star in Spain.

The price

Price is a variable that must be related to the two previous factors in order to make a final decision. The more stars the hotel has and the better it is located, the higher the price. You should therefore look for interesting offers, packages that include other services and always visit the hotel's official website to see all its features, where you may find a promotion if you book online directly from its website or by other means.

If you book online, make sure that the site is well identified

Online bookings have become massively popular in this sector, but care must be taken with the site on which they are made. It is necessary to read all the terms and conditions of reservation, especially if it is part of an offer. If this is the official website of the hotel in question, reliability will always be absolute.

The services

Depending on the type of room you wish to take, one important aspect is to know in advance what services the hotel offers. If the establishment has a restaurant, a swimming pool, a parking lot, to name three examples. The client's decision can be made more clearly if the escapade offers a little something more or less special.

Method of payment

Normally, the payment of the reservation is made once you stay at the hotel. This information is given to the customer at the time of booking and must be carefully checked.

The regime

Sometimes, there are hotels that offer breakfast in addition to a very nice accommodation offer. This little extra saves the client from having to have his first meal of the day outside.  For a stay in a large city, for example, this is a very recommendable option, while for a stay in a family holiday resort, the client should consider an all-inclusive diet, with half or full board.

The type of room

It is important that people who travel, whether with family, friends or a partner for example, know how to choose their room, and choose the most ordered offer possible by choosing between single, double, triple rooms for adults or children or communicating rooms according to their needs.

The location of the room

When making reservations, you can choose or indicate your preference for a room with a certain view, with windows overlooking the exterior or an interior patio. In this case, it is necessary to look for if its street is noisy or if the panorama deserves to be more expensive.

Customer reviews

Although this factor should be taken with great caution, it is good to know the experiences of other guests who have been through a hotel. The sites on which users can leave a review after their stay in the hotel are always more reliable than others. This avoids self-interested or biased criticism.