Travelling by train has become a habit for many of us, an obligation or a pleasure for others. In any case, we all want a little help to reduce travel costs! Here we have has listed some tips for saving money when travelling.

How to travel cheaper by train?

We don't think about it enough, but the loyalty card is still a good way to assert your rights as a regular customer. The principle: the more you use it, the more discounts you are subject to, the more you save. This is the case with SNCF's loyalty programmes. The basic is the traveller's card. Totally free, it offers you access to certain services such as real-time information on the status of your train, dematerialization of your ticket (it is directly placed on your card) or access to the ID Pass to facilitate your travel. In terms of promotions, you get a 10% coupon after your first 10 trips in less than a year and 20% after the first 20 trips. Please note that these discounts do not apply to early bird tickets. The other loyalty programme is the Frequent Flyer Card, which is issued after 20 trips in less than a year. And now you collect points! Depending on your euros spent, you accumulate points that offer you more services, such as conversion into a train ticket. Also note that there are two other cards, the + traveller card and the club traveller card.

Last minute offers

You too are one of those people who book everything at the last minute even if it means not having any space? It's risky, but sometimes it's worth it because on some routes, last minute offers are available. These are only accessible on the Internet (payment only online) and tickets are neither exchangeable nor modifiable. These offers are exclusive and do not allow you to accumulate other discounts but often allow you to save a lot.

Book your train in advance

By doing it well in advance, you save not only in terms of organization but also in terms of money! With SNCF, you can book your trip several weeks or even several months in advance and thus enjoy a low-cost trip. You benefit from a preferential fare of €15 for a one-way ticket on a TGV and €10 for an inter-city trip. These early tickets are available from 3 months before the departure date to 14 days before the departure date. Their number is limited so anticipate as much as possible to make the most savings possible. Their prices vary according to the filling. For example, for your trips from Rennes station or Massy TGV station, remember to check on our website, and fully anticipate your trip.

Ouigo, the low-cost train

The now famous SNCF Ouigo blue and pink train offers more than interesting fares. You save about 30% on each trip with a starting price that can go down to 10€. If you are travelling with children, please note that a one-off price of €5 is applied for children under 12 years old. In the Ouigo, children do not travel on their knees for free but have to pay this ridiculous price for their seats. Again, the more you book in advance, the less you pay! Many routes exist from Paris Nord station. For more information on Paris Gare du Nord car parks, visit our website.

The annual leave ticket

Do you know the SNCF annual leave ticket? This travel tip - often unknown - is one of the best tips! Employees of companies and certain categories of workers are eligible for this ticket. Thanks to this, the beneficiary can offer his family a discount of up to 50% off the normal ticket price! Please note that this discount applies only once a year.

The Interrail pass to travel to Europe

If it is through Europe that you want to travel, the best deal is definitely the Interrail pass! The result of an agreement between 30 European countries, it allows you to travel through each member country of the European Union at a very attractive price. There are several Interrail card formulas to find the one that best suits your way of travelling: frequent traveller or slow turtle depending on the time you spend in the country or countries in question.

Used SNCF tickets

Nowadays, in the age of the digital revolution, it should no longer be surprising to be able to find second-hand train tickets online. We have found sites that allow us to buy back tickets from other individuals who will not be able to make their journey. Note that it is essential that the ticket is neither nominative nor used. Of course it is! Apart from that, this tip allows you to book a trip at a lower cost.

Travel in a group

What some people don't know when they travel in a group is that the fare is degressive! From 4 tickets purchased, a group rate is applied and you benefit from a discount. Check if this applies to your destination, but in any case, it's a good plan that allows you to pay less, even if it means buying 4 tickets and selling one if there are three of you. As they say, there are no small savings!

Trainline, SNCF advantages, less price

Trainline is a Parisian start-up that offers SNCF trips with the possibility of using its cards and discounts at reduced prices! The site is more fluid and simpler than the SNCF site and above all, you have much more visibility. On Trainline, ALL possible routes are displayed: Ouigo, Eurostar, and SNCF... You even have more timetables available. Feel free to compare!

Check the price schedule

One trick that the most organized of you may already know is checking calendars. When you want to leave without a date in mind or really start in advance, look at the calendar to see which day around your planned date is the cheapest. Sometimes, this delays you by a day or two to save several euros. Just select the "flexible" box and check the price calendar to find the best route for your holiday period.