When you go abroad, the lack of an Internet connection can quickly make your smartphone useless. Fortunately, some mobile applications make your offline life easier, provided you have downloaded them first. Here is a brief overview of the mobile applications that are essential for your next trip. From applications that allow you to organize your photos to those that help you find your way, you will have a few downloads to make before you leave.


We're always willing to travel with friends, but a little less so when it comes to counting. To avoid unnecessary bickering, you can download Tricount, which allows you to do your accounts easily and know which friends you owe money to. All you have to do is enter the group's expenses as the trip progresses and the people affected by these expenses. The application will tell you who owes money, and to whom it must be refunded. If you travel to several countries during your trip, you can also download Splittr, which uses the same system as Tricount but also allows you to enter expenses in different currencies. The app automatically converts and makes your accounts in Euro (or other) at the end of your trip.


You see that moment when you try in vain to find the name of that little Berlin restaurant where you ate a few months ago? LiveTrekker answers this question for you since the application allows you to keep all your photos, videos and routes in one place for the entire trip. The app creates an interactive map that displays a lot of information such as your speed and altitude, as well as the names of the places where you stopped. It is an excellent travel companion for adventurers.

Google Trips

The application has just been released but it is already a must have. Google Trips is your personal travel assistant, keeping all the documents you need at your fingertips: flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. You can also find recommendations on the best restaurants, bars, concerts or museums of the places you visit. The application will be able to create a travel itinerary based on your preferences. And the best part is that you don't need an Internet connection to get all this information, you just need to download all the data related to your trip in advance in one click. Yes, you can find your way around on a map pre-loaded by the application, even if you don't have a network.


Exchanging with the inhabitants of a country whose language you do not know can quickly become a problem. And Google Translation will not help you, because it only works with Internet access. Fortunately, there are translation applications, such as Bravolol, that allow you to access a translator without a wifi or 4G connection. You will also find in the Bravolol app useful sentences and words grouped into categories, with their phonetic pronunciation. The "romance" category will be very useful if you plan to find love on your next trip.


It is the easiest application to find your way around the world when you don't have an Internet connection and therefore no access to Google Maps. With CityMaps2Go, you can download maps of the cities and places you plan to visit before you leave. You will then be able to find your way around without an Internet connection. The application allows you to download more than 7000 destination maps worldwide. The maps also include recommendations for places to visit.