Discover surprising landscapes, different lifestyles and enriching people. That's the essence of foreign travel! Afterwards, seeing lions, elephants or giraffes in their natural environment will mark you for the rest of your life. Embark on the most beautiful safaris in the world.

An authentic journey into the heart of nature

Safari is a Swahili word meaning "long journey" and comes from the Arabic safara meaning "he has travelled". Originally, it was about a long journey dedicated to hunting large wild animals. Nowadays, it refers to an organized excursion, often with a tourist vocation, aimed at filming, photographing or just admiring wild animals in their living spaces. A safari thus guarantees moments spent in vast natural spaces. If you are on a safari in South Africa, you can choose Kruger National Park with its almost 19,500 square kilometres of wilderness. You will cross it in an open 4×4 to approach lions, South African buffaloes and other typically wild animals.

Three countries that offer you the safari of your dreams

In addition to South Africa, other safari destinations exist. There is Botswana, for example, in Central Africa, which contains the Moremi Reserve with perfect water points for animal viewing and Chobe National Park containing about 120,000 free elephants. It is also interesting to opt for a safari in Tanzania and discover live the lion's techniques to hunt a wildebeest, then finish your trip with a seaside trip to Zanzibar, off the country. Finally, while African countries are renowned for their wildlife travel, India also offers safaris rich in discoveries. An incomparable biodiversity and the Bengal tigers await you there.

Safari in Africa for a memorable holiday

In almost all cases, safaris in Africa will take you face to face with animals called the Big Five. They are the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and black rhino. Safaris to Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Namibia ensure you see them. In order to optimize your chances of seeing as many animals as possible, a safari lasts several hours. Sometimes it will even be useful to spend several days on site. Most safari parks therefore have accommodation facilities.