The price of air tickets is always a significant part of a holiday budget, if not the most important part for some destinations. Saving money on your tickets is therefore always a good thing when planning a trip. And, even if finding the right deal is not always easy, do you know that there are some tips to know without delay to pay for tickets at a discount rate? How to pay for your plane tickets cheaper in 8 tips?

Doing research in private navigation

You have probably already had the unpleasant experience of looking several times at the price of an air ticket on a comparator or the website of an airline company and finding that the price raised with each page update or new search. This is quite normal because the algorithms of these websites increase the price with each new connection from your IP address (which is recognized), to make you believe that there are only a few seats left on your flight, so that you buy your ticket faster. But it's only a marketing and sales approach! To avoid these increases, precaution number 1 is as follows: do all your Internet searches in private or incognito browsing mode. Thus, prices will not increase!

Combine flight comparators and airline websites

Flight comparators include many possible flight combinations, with low-cost or mainline airlines, stopovers or not, etc. This service allows you to compare ticket prices by classifying them from the cheapest fare to the most expensive fare; depending on the options you choose (direct or indirect journey, preferred departure and arrival times, with or without suitcase...). However, before making any final ticket purchase, check and compare ticket prices directly on the company's website. It can happen that the prices are cheaper than on the comparators. These verification and comparison operations may take time, but the savings on the final fare of your tickets will be your best reward!

Leave during off-peak periods

It is the law of supply and demand: during the summer or Christmas holidays in particular, when everyone wants to leave at the same time, ticket prices skyrocket. So if you can afford to travel outside the high seasons, school holidays or public holidays, and start during the week, it's all good for your wallet!

Adapt your travel dates

If your holiday dates have not yet been set at the time you purchase your flight tickets, select the "all month" or "cheapest dates" option on flight comparators or airline websites to see the days and times when flight prices are cheaper than average. You will then adjust your holiday dates according to the days that offer the most discount prices.

Be flexible on the travel destination

Some flight comparators allow you to find the cheapest destination from your departure airport and according to the travel dates you provide. To do this, simply choose the "anywhere" or "flexible" option in the search engine. This tip has the advantage of listing cheap destinations from around the world and giving you mops ideas!

Buy your ticket at the best time

Many airline ticket theorists have tried to define the best time to buy airline tickets on the Internet at the lowest prices. What are the results of their estimates? Generally, it would be best to buy tickets at least two months before departure, on Tuesdays or Thursdays, between 1am and 4am. Another option if you are very flexible and playful: you can look at the prices and buy your ticket at the last minute because it happens to come across last-minute discounted prices.

Subscribe to loyalty programs

Joining airline loyalty programs or alliances of major airline partners only takes a few minutes and allows you to receive exclusive offers. Thanks to these few clicks, you receive promotional codes via newsletters and/or collect miles as you travel. Also check out the loyalty terms and conditions because with some airlines, you can even earn miles without travelling, simply by shopping in partner shops for example.

Departure from other airports

Airport taxes can make up a large part of the ticket price, but they vary depending on the airport. It may therefore be appropriate to depart from secondary airports or airport transport hubs to obtain cheaper tickets.