Luxury travel offers are everywhere, whether on websites or in advertising. But what do luxury travel agencies really offer? We suggest you discover it below.

Additional expertise

Luxury travel agencies offer their clients a wider range of knowledge and experience. Thanks to its advisers, these agencies offer a quality service. They can give you details about your destination. In addition, they will be able to give you all the latest information on the regions to visit as well as the must-see sites. They will also offer unusual destinations, depending on your needs. These skills are rarely present in standard agencies. Agency staff can also advise you on available promotional or mixed offers.

A guarantee of safety

Luxury agencies offer additional services to ensure your safety. They are one or more teams in the field, such as guides, drivers or escorts. These people are under the responsibility of the agency, so you can get recourse in case of misconduct or dissatisfaction. You will discover your destination under the best omens. Families with children will be more reassured since their safety is guaranteed.

High quality services

All the services offered are chosen with the greatest care to guarantee quality. The term "luxury" is not applied for nothing. Thus, accommodation is at least 4-star hotels and establishments. The same applies to restaurants and business premises. These agencies test the best hotels to find the best addresses in the world. Comfort, facilities and of course tranquillity and service are essential criteria. The gastronomic specialities are also combed through and offered in the offers. Only the best tables are selected. To guarantee the best service, and to justify the price offered, luxury agencies provide you with a concierge service to modify or add to your travel tour. If you notice a problem or have difficulties, you can also contact this service. It responds to all your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is very convenient when you want to have a private driver at the last minute or if you want to make a reservation in a restaurant or massage parlour.