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Unusual trips

Getting off the beaten track, meeting people and going on an adventure are some of the objectives pursued by people on unusual
trips. These extraordinary trips offer travellers a total immersion in unusual natural environments.

Go on an adventure!

Unusual trips are popular with a new category of travellers looking for adventures and thrills and those for whom
classic stays are not suitable, discover more on


Holidays: the most seducing travel destinations

To travel differently and get off the beaten track, it is essential to have a different travel philosophy. The simple classic stay as we know it with accommodation in the heart of the cities does not have any particular charm. Of course everything is within reach, such as means of transport, shopping centers… but is this your objective when visiting a destination for a holiday? If you are a convinced non-conformist and a fan of unusual travel, opt for unconventional destinations. Go for example for adventures in the depths of Africa in the Kenyan savannah or in the sumptuous natural spaces of Namibia. You will discover the charm of safaris in the heart of nature with a diverse fauna and flora.Latin America can also provide a perfect setting for a trip for your next vacation. There are several exceptional destinations such as Peru, Mexico, Cuba…We cannot forget to mention Asian destinations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand… More on

Some types of travellers

The city dweller

The city dweller

He/She is a traveller who favors cities as the spatial framework of his/her journey. This profile suits people who like to have everything at hand during their stays (transport, shopping…)

The cruise enthusiast

The cruise enthusiast

He/She is fond of cruises and sea trips. He/She loves travelling on board cruise ships, taking advantage of the various services offered, such as catering, sports and leisure activities

The club traveller

The club traveller

Most often, this traveller likes to travel on a low budget. This formula allows him to discover destinations with an affordable cost but without benefiting from luxurious accommodation services.

types of travellers

The Trek lover

Those who trek are most often sportsmen/sportswomen looking for unusual hiking routes characterized by difficult access and requiring great physical effort.

The Trek lover

The circuit enthusiast

Unlike a traveller who likes to discover a destination in the dark, the tour enthusiast prefers tried and tested routes whose different stages are known in advance.

The circuit enthusiast

The camper

This adventurer at heart loves to get off the beaten track and prefers nature as a place to stay for his/her trip. Camping in the middle of the forest, near watercourses, is his/her goal.

The camper

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Europe is so diverse! It is filled with thousands of landscapes, many different cultures, different languages, and different foods and so on. Travelling for pleasure or business is therefore a golden opportunity to show your adaptation and also to discover Europe’s “neighbors”.



Mexico is a diverse country, with its landscapes, cultures and gastronomy. From Baja California to the Mayan Riviera, passing through Mexico City, Oaxaca and Chiapas, each place will immerse you in a unique atmosphere.


The United States

Los Angeles is Hollywood, Dallas is symbolized by cowboys, Miami is the Caribbean on the continent, and it is for this diversity that these big cities must be discovered. So many destinations that will make it possible to bring back wonderful memories from a stay in the USA.

Advice and travel arrangements

For your trip to be perfect, you must think about choosing the right destination. Before booking your ticket, using a flight comparator is necessary. Entrusting a travel agency with the organization of your stays abroad is the best solution if you want to spend a pleasant moment in complete serenity. Being familiar with the destination country, they can assist you in all aspects of the process, from ticket purchase to accommodation, transport and tours. Also, thanks to new technologies, you will not have to wait until going back home to post the pictures you took during your unforgettable trip as by renting a Pocket Wi-F at My Webspot for instance, you can easily enjoy your trip with unlimited Wi-Fi and thus post your clichés instantly!

Unusual trips: essential activities


Sport Adventure

There is a certain category of travellers who like to engage in sports activities during their trips. Adventure is the key word for this type of stay. The ideal spatial setting for these activities is made up of natural circuits specially designed for adventure sports. These can be mountain tours, near watercourses. Hiking is also one of the most popular sports activities for travellers. It can take place on steep roads or on marked routes. For lovers of high altitude adventures, climbing and zip lines are an ideal choice for thrills and sumptuous landscapes.


Melanesian adrenaline

During this stay in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, you will discover the many facets of the Vanuatu archipelago. This destination is made up of several islands that abound in exotic natural landscapes. The ocean, the mountains and the forest meet to offer visitors a travel environment conducive to adventure and relaxation. You will have the opportunity to do multiple activities such as diving, trekking and hiking.

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